Kihocha (grains) 8 grains x 10 packets

Kihocha (grains) 8 grains x 10 packets

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Lactic Acid Bacteria. JAN: 4510662002121

Package size: 9.4 x 7.2 x 4.8 cm; 46 g
What is Kihocha? Aiming for the ideal body, you want to feel refreshed naturally without strain! It is a supplement that luxuriously uses plant-derived ingredients such as Gymnema and Kidachialoe. In addition, since it is a grain type, it is highly portable, and one bag contains 8 grains, so it is widely popular as a supplement that makes it easy for individuals to control the amount. Raw materials/ingredients Dextrin, senna stem extract powder, milk calcium, indigestible dextrin, Kidachi aloe extract powder, oolong tea extract powder, psyllium extract powder, winter hollyhock powder, gymnema sylvestre extract powder, adlay extract powder, hub tea extract powder, hojicha extract powder, rose petal extract, lactic acid bacteria with spores, crystalline cellulose, vegetable oil, vitamin B6, vitamin B2

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