Kose Esplique W Eyebrow (Powder) Br301 Light Brown 0.4G

Kose Esplique W Eyebrow (Powder) Br301 Light Brown 0.4G

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● Esplique W Eyebrow (Liquid & Powder), Esplique W Eyebrow (Pencil & Powder) powder "Refill" (with brush). ● Powder: A natural finish that blends softly into the entire eyebrow without the feeling of drawing. ● Brush: Cleans the flow of eyebrows. ● Adopts a prescription that blends in with skin color and hair color with natural coloring. ● Contains eyebrow coat ingredients for outstanding makeup. ● The eyebrow coat ingredient is diisostearyl malate. ● Fragrance-free

Ingredients / Amount / Usage Ingredients / Amount [Ingredients] Talk, methyl methacrylate crosspolymer, diisostearyl malate, dimethicone, squalane, vaseline, tocopherol, silica, sorbitan sesquiisostearate, ethylparaben, methylparaben, Carbon black, mica, titanium oxide, iron oxide Usage and dosage [Usage] ● Turn A to open and draw the entire eyebrows softly. ● It is recommended to use W eyebrow (liquid) or W eyebrow (pencil) for small parts such as the corners of the eyebrows.


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