Lion Smile Cosmetic Whitening Paste 85ml (Quasi-drug)

Lion Smile Cosmetic Whitening Paste 85ml (Quasi-drug)

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Tooth whitening: Removes dullness accumulated by the power of ions Clean breath: Breath clear with white powder Ion cleansing ingredients whiten teeth White powder cleans breath 1. The "ion cleansing component * 1" removes the "accumulated dullness" of the texture of the teeth by brushing and restores the original whiteness of the teeth. ● Texture of teeth = Surface layer of teeth ● Accumulated dullness = Colored stains 2. "White powder * 2" removes "dirt on the tongue (tongue moss)" by brushing to purify the mouth and prevent mouth odor. ● Tongue moss = stains on the tongue that cause bad odor * 1: Na polyphosphate * 2: Na hydrogen carbonate

Ingredients / quantity Ingredients Solbit solution, glycerin, PG, PEG-8 (wetting agent), anhydrous silicic acid A (cleaning agent), coconut oil fatty acid amide propyl betaine solution, POE hardened castor oil, Na lauryl sulfate (foaming agent), polyphosphoric acid Na / Na hydrogen carbonate (cleaning agent), PVP / xanthan gum (caking agent), silicic acid anhydride / Na polyacrylic acid (viscosity adjusting agent), fragrance (white mint type) / saccharin Na (flavoring agent), menthol (cooling) Agent), sodium fluoride (active ingredient), Na hydroxide (pH adjuster), paraben (preservative), mica Ti / yellow 4 (colorant) Usage and dosage How to use ● Remove the overcap and bring the nozzle closer to the brush. ● Because the shavings are soft, push the nozzle part slowly and put an appropriate amount (1 push about 0.4 mL) on the brush to prevent it from dripping. ● While brushing your teeth, lightly brush your tongue. ● After polishing, rinse your mouth and remove it.

Efficacy Efficacy / effect 1. 1. Whiten your teeth. 2. Cleanse the mouth. 3. 3. Refresh your mouth. Four. Prevention of the development and progression of worm teeth.

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