Maruman Tonkgat Ali 75 Tablets

Maruman Tonkgat Ali 75 Tablets

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Muirapuama extract powder, maca extract powder, ant powder, tonkat ant extract powder, terrapin powder, brewer's yeast, corn starch, dextrin, ginkgo biloba extract, hihatsu extract powder, pullulan, crystalline cellulose, zinc gluconate, calcium stearate , Colorant (titanium dioxide)

<Nutrition Indications> Heat
per 5 grains (1.41g)
Zinc・・・10mg Tonkat

ant extract・・・50mg
Muirapuama extract・・・300mg
Maca extract・・・200mg

○Percentage of the functional indication components contained in the recommended daily intake as a percentage of the reference value for nutrients,
etc.Zinc: 142 %

Usage and dose
<How to eat> Take 5 tablets daily with water or lukewarm water.

Dosage form/shape

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