MUJI 82583618 Washed Cotton Canvas Bench 2 Cover for Living Room or Dining Room

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Specifications/Mixing ratio: 100% cotton Country of origin: Vietnam Packing size: 4 x 24 x 31 cm . It has been washed in advance and has a rough texture. You can wash it in your washing machine at home. Handling Precautions ●In order to prevent damage to the washing machine and accidents, please follow the washing machine's handling instructions regarding "capacity of the washing machine and how to wash". When washing, separate each part and wash one by one. If you cannot wash it with a washing machine at home, please consult a cleaning specialty store. ●Please be aware that items with hook-and-loop fasteners may scratch the surface with the hard, rough hooks. ●When removing or cleaning the cover, hide the hook by attaching protective tape or closing the hook-and-loop fastener. ●Do not iron the hook-and-loop fastener directly. ●Close the hook-and-loop fastener before washing. Also, please avoid ironing. ●Dark colored products may cause color transfer due to friction during use. In particular, please be aware that color transfer may occur if the product is wet with sweat or moisture. ●When washing or cleaning, the color may fade or transfer, so wash separately from other items. ●Due to the characteristics of the material, fuzzing and pilling may occur due to friction during use and washing, and the fluff and pills may fall off or adhere to other items. When washing, use a waste net and wash separately from other items. ●Please note that the color may change due to direct sunlight or fluorescent lighting. ●Please note that due to the characteristics of the material, fragments of raw material plants are mixed in. ●Because the generated products are not dyed, there may be slight color differences depending on the product, and it will gradually turn white with washing and cleaning. Also, please be careful when washing and storing because it is easy to discolor under the influence of light. Notes on washing ●Please use a laundry net. ●Do not use detergents containing fluorescent whitening agents on light-colored products.

Manufacturer: Muji Product Model Number: 82583618
Package Size: 30 x 24.6 x 3.4 cm; 340 g

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