SBI Pharma Alaplus Sugar Down 30 Capsules

SBI Pharma Alaplus Sugar Down 30 Capsules

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Clinically tested for those who are concerned about blood sugar level No fragrances or preservatives are used

ALAPLUS Sugar Down is a new concept supplement that enhances the ability to burn sugar and convert it into energy, supports normalization of high fasting blood sugar levels, and moderates the rise in postprandial blood sugar levels. Recommended for those who are worried about high blood sugar levels and those who are worried about the results of health checkups.
While general blood sugar countermeasure supplements suppress the absorption of sugar, ALAplus Sugar Down contains a unique ingredient, 5-ALA, which promotes the burning of sugar absorbed in cells*, thereby suppressing the rise in blood sugar levels. increase.
"ALAplus sugar down" does not choose the timing to drink. You can enjoy it anytime. Don't forget to do it once a day when you remember.
5-ALA (aminolevulinic acid phosphate) is blended for the first time in Japan as a functional ingredient. 5-ALA is involved in energy metabolism in mitochondria involved in sugar burning. 5-ALA is an amino acid contained in green and yellow vegetables such as spinach, which are considered to be good for health, and fermented foods such as black vinegar and miso.
One day's worth of ALAplus Sugar Down provides about 62 kg of spinach, about 88 kg of tomatoes, about 5.7 kg of black vinegar, about 34 kg of natto (about 680 packs), and about 5 kg of wine.

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