Shop Japan True Sleeper Premium Memory Foam Mattress amp Pillow Set, White, Low Resistance, Lower Back Burden Reduction, 2.0 Inches (5 cm), Made in Japan, Authentic, Bedding for Gentle Sleep

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Style: Single Body size: W97*H195*D5cm Pillow size: W50*H10*30cm Body weight: 4.6kg Pillow weight: 0.9kg Body: Urethane foam Cover: Polyester/Cotton Country of origin: Body: Japan Cover: China

Product Introduction True Sleeper Premium is a memory foam mattress with excellent resilience. A long-selling memory foam mattress that solves your sleep problems. Since it is an overlay mattress, simply place it on top of your existing futon or mattress. The True Sleeper Neck Fit Pillow uses a low-resilience urethane material that fits perfectly from head to neck. It maintains the gentle curve of the neck muscles and supports a comfortable sleep. ●Using 100% low-resilience material "Ultra Viscoelastic" ●It has excellent elasticity and resilience, and changes its shape and resilience depending on body temperature and body pressure, so it fits perfectly to your body like it was made to order ● Uses 100% low-resilience material for "good sleep" ●True Sleeper Premium disperses body pressure on the lower back and shoulders, gently enveloping the entire body ●Straighten the spine without stress If it is distorted, it will put a strain on your neck and lower back ●The True Sleeper Premium uses low-resilience materials, so it will keep you in a comfortable posture ●No need for a special bed. You can use the futon and bed you are using now. Economical because you don't need to buy new bedding Just lay down the True Sleeper Premium for a comfortable sleep

Color: White
Size: Single Manufacturer: Shop Japan Accessories: None Material: Body: Urethane foam Cover: Polyester, cotton Product weight: 4.6 kg Thickness: 5 cm
Packed size: 79.8 x 68 x 27.6 cm; 4.6 kg
Packed weight: 17.77 lbs

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