Unicharm Sophie Super Deep Sleep Shorts M-L 2 Sheets (Quasi-drug)

Unicharm Sophie Super Deep Sleep Shorts M-L 2 Sheets (Quasi-drug)

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New release of super deep sleep shorts! The napkin and shorts are integrated to protect the entire waist, so you can rest assured that you will be behind. It fits snugly according to your movement and you don't have to worry about gaps or deviations, so even if you turn over, it's a horizontal leak guard. Moreover, the soft stretch material feels like a marshmallow and has excellent breathability. Super deep sleep shorts are recommended especially on many days, relaxing time, and staying out! This is a new style of dealing with physiology. The ultimate peace of mind just by wearing it.

Usage and dosage [How to use] Please replace as appropriate during physiology.

Precautions for use If it does not suit your skin, please consult a doctor. Wrap the used napkin in a separate wrap. Please do not put it in the toilet.

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