Yuuki Pharmaceutical Spirulina 100 1550 tablets

Yuuki Pharmaceutical Spirulina 100 1550 tablets

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Spirulina. JAN: 4524326201768

Package Size: 16.2 x 9 x 9 cm; 730 g
Recommended Age: Adults
Recommended Gender: Unisex
Color: Green *If you are taking medicine or visiting a hospital, please consult your doctor before consuming. To prevent accidental ingestion, keep out of reach of infants. "Spirulina 100" is manufactured at a manufacturing plant in Japan, using the raw material of spirulina produced at a factory dedicated to cultivating spirulina on the shores of the highland lake "Chenghai" in Yunnan Province, China. Chenghai is a highland lake in the mountains, with an area of 77 square kilometers, a depth of over 30m at its deepest point, and a visible depth of over 6m. In addition, it has maintained its current size for 300 years, and it is a lake that is completely formed only by spring water, with no rivers flowing out of the lake and no rivers flowing into it. The abundant spring water that supports this lake is the result of rain that falls on the nearby mountains seeping into the soil, forming underground water veins, and gushing out from the bottom of the lake. It can be called natural mineral water. The spirulina raw material grown in this blessed environment undergoes pre-import inspection, import inspection, and post-import inspection in Japan to ensure quality, as well as mutagenicity tests, acute toxicity tests, and residual pesticide tests. This is repeated repeatedly, and not only the quality but also the management as food is strictly performed. Please make use of "Spirulina 100" for your health and diet. Soybeans, which are generally known as high-quality foods with high protein content, only have 33% to 35%, and beef only has 18% to 20%, and Spirulina contains twice or three times that amount. In addition, it contains essential amino acids, which are important conditions for protein, and maintains an excellent nutritional balance. Protein is a nutrient that plays a central role in the structure and function of the body, and essential amino acids are especially important because they must be ingested from outside the body. In addition, it contains vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin A (about 70 times the beta-carotene content of spinach), potassium, chlorophyll, and phycocyanin, a blue pigment unique to spirulina. [Spirulina] Spirulina means "spiral" or "twisting" in Latin, and the name comes from the fact that the cells are twisted like a corkscrew. Unlike ordinary algae that live in freshwater, their major biological characteristic is that they thrive in harsh environments with high temperatures, high alkalinity, and high salinity. This condition also helps prevent the growth of bacteria. Precautions for use Pharmacist: Shuhei Kimura Wakai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Store name (Bell Pharmacy) 〒571-0079 15-17 Nozato-cho, Kadoma-shi, Osaka TEL: 072-881-3054 FAX: 072-881-3054 Business hours: Weekdays 9 :00-20:00 Saturdays and holidays 10:00-19:00 (Closed on Sundays and January 1-48) Raw materials/ingredients Spirulina powder

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