Zojirushi Overseas Pressure IH Rice Cooker Jar Elephant Stamp NP-HJH18 10 Servings 220 V SE Plug

Zojirushi Overseas Pressure IH Rice Cooker Jar Elephant Stamp NP-HJH18 10 Servings 220 V SE Plug

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Pressure IH Rice Cooker Jar, 2. You can cook your preferred texture from crisp to chewy, 4 different types of cooking pressure, adjust the time to apply pressure, so you can cook it in 4 different textures from white rice to crisp and sticky mushy. You can cook it according to your preferred texture. 3. Heat from the sides approx. 1.5 times *1 "Body Ring W Heater" (compared to our previous product NP-HIH model in 2017) The heating from the sides is about 1.5 times and the heat is transmitted efficiently into the kiln. The strong heat from the sides, bottom, and lid heaters envelop the entire pot and cook in rice with reduced unevenness. (1) Side Heater NP-HJH10 Type 60W compared to our previous product NP-HIH 10 Type 40W in 2017) 4. Improved sweetening ingredients (reduced sugar) *2! "Platinum Pot" (*2 Compared to our previous 2017 NP-HMH type) A hot pot containing the sweetening ingredients (leaching reduced sugar) found in the kettle will coat the surface of a single grain of rice. Due to the effect of platinum coating on the inner surface of the inner pot, the reduction sugar content of rice is increased by about 15% by 1 by 1. (*3 Compare the reduction sugar content which is one of the sweetest ingredients in the "sticky" ingredients on the surface of the rice. Tokyo Agricultural University research according to our company's own standards, compared to NP-HJH10 type 0.074mg/g, platinum coated 21 NP-HMH10 type 0.064mg/g 5. Delicious pressure steamed to bring out the delicious flavor: Apply pressure to the center of the kettle, and use the steam process to bring out the delicious taste of rice. Use another pressure to release excess water and create a fluffy rice. 6. Includes a special menu for cooking long grains of rice, rich porridge, and rare porridge. 7. Stain resistant "clear coat body and lid" & long-lasting cleanliness Stainless steel body lid; 8. Easy to read letters.

part number
Corresponding voltage
220V to 230V 50Hz/60Hz
Power plug shape


* SE type plugs are plugs (outlet receptacles) that are mainly used in Europe. Please note that if the plug shape differs from the country/region where you are using it, you will need a separate conversion adapter.

power cord length
Approximately 1.0m (* Power cord cannot be removed)
power consumption
Cooking time: 1240W
Body display language
*Japanese and Korean menu sticker included
Instruction manual language
Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean
country of origin
Product category
Overseas specification rice cooker
Rice cooking method
Pressure IH
1.8 liters (1.8 liters)
Approximate amount of rice to cook
body size
275 x 395 x 235mm (width x depth x height)
packing size
315 x 435 x 265mm
Body weight (NW)
Packing weight (GW)
Overseas shipping packing weight (TW)
See here for international shipping packaging and weight .
Cooking function
4 levels of stickiness selection, special menu for long-grain rice, thick porridge (thick porridge), rare porridge (thin porridge), 2 clock-type memory timers, notification melody, inner pot washing rice support, heat retention temperature selection (2 levels)

Rice scoop, measuring cup, rice scoop stand, Japanese/Korean stickers

Rice Cooking Menu and Estimated Cooking Time pressure cooker Cooking time
White rice (regular) About 53-59 minutes
White rice (glutinous rice) About 57-62 minutes
White rice (shakkiri) About 45-51 minutes
white rice rapid About 37-46 minutes
cooking About 72-76 minutes
long grain rice About 57-70 minutes
Rice porridge (thick) × About 95-103 minutes
Rice porridge (thin) × About 122-129 minutes
Sushimeshi × About 42-49 minutes
Okowa × About 57-58 minutes
brown rice About 69-80 minutes

Brand name: Zojirushi
JAN: 4974305202925

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