Asahi Slim Up matcha latte shake 315g

Asahi Slim Up matcha latte shake 315g

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A beautiful diet support that contains plenty of nutrients, and it is affordable, so feel free to switch to the shake diet.

How to use:

Hot or ice
[One meal replacement plan]

Mix approximately 300-340cc of water with 4 tablespoons of the attached measuring spoon. 

[Beauty drink plan]

Mix approximately 75-255 cc of water and 1--3 cups of the attached measuring spoon.

You can enjoy it even if you put it in your favorite drink such as water, hot water, milk, soy milk.

[Nutrition ingredient display per 3 spoons (45g)] Energy: 154kcal, protein: 21g, lipid: 0.99g, carbohydrate: 19.3g (sugar: 11g, dietary fiber: 8.3g), salt equivalent: 0.30g, vitamin A: 150-385 μg, Vitamin B1: 0.36 mg, Vitamin B2: 0.38 mg, Vitamin B6: 0.38 mg, Vitamin B12: 1.2 μg, Vitamin C: 28 mg, Vitamin D: 1.5-4.7 μg, Vitamin E: 3.6 mg, Niacin : 4.1 mg, pantothenic acid: 2.5 mg, folic acid: 88 μg, calcium: 300 mg, magnesium: 91 mg, iron: 2.7 mg, potassium: 675 mg, copper: 0.08-0.24 mg, zinc: 0.4-1.2 mg, manganese: 0.77-2.2 mg, selenium: 4.2 to 12 μg, CoQ10: 10 mg [combined during production (per 45 g)] Collagen: 5000 mg, hyaluronic acid: 25 mg, apple polyphenol: 10 mg, sterilized lactic acid bacterium powder: 30 mg, grain fermented extract: 25 mg


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