Asahi Slim Up porridge 5 meals

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Sea bream and matsutake mushrooms are finished in a Japanese-style dashi with a gentle taste. Contains 7 kinds of cereals and rice (brown rice, red rice, wheat, germinated brown rice, rice cake, pressed wheat, rice cake).

5 meals included 

  • Sea porridge: 3 meals
  • Matsutake porridge: 2 meals 

Diet support (per individual package) 

  • 80kcal
  • Dietary fiber 3000 mg

Contains brown rice and minor grains.A Japanese-style porridge that is easy on the body.I want to eat when I'm hungry.Freeze-dried porridge by simply adding hot water and mixing.

Per meal: Energy 80kcl, protein 2.7g, lipid 0.8g, sugar 14g, dietary fiber 3.0g, sodium 480mg, salt equivalent 124g <matsutake mushroom> Per meal: energy 80kcl, protein 1.5g, lipid 0.44g ,Sugar 16g, dietary fiber 3.0g, sodium 560mg, salt equivalent 1.4g

Raw materials and ingredients
<Steamed porridge> Rice (domestic), sea bream, chicken egg, indigestible dextrin, brown rice (domestic), trefoil, barley, salt, soy sauce, flavor seasoning (bonito) sea bream extract, germinated brown rice (domestic), rice cake, rice cake Flour, pork fat, red rice (domestic), shiitake extract, wheat, seasoning (amino acids, etc.), paste (processed starch, thickening polysaccharide), antioxidant (VE), (one of the raw materials Wheat and milk ingredients are included in the part) <Matsutake porridge> Rice (domestic), indigestible dextrin, matsutake mushroom, brown rice (domestic), barley, mizuna, salt, flavor seasoning (bonito), soy sauce, germinated brown rice (domestic) ) ,Yuzu, rice cake, rice cake, red rice (domestic), wheat, shiitake extract, lard, clam extract, kelp powder, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), paste (processed starch, xanthan), antioxidant (VE) , fragrance, pH adjuster, (including wheat and milk components as part of raw materials)

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