Dokodemo Vape Mirai, 150 Days, replacement cartridge

Dokodemo Vape Mirai, 150 Days, replacement cartridge


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A replacement cartridge. (chemical agent/battery all-in-one type) This is a chemical agent cartridge for Dokodemo Vape Mirai. Thanks to the all-in-one battery & chemical agent cartridge, you don't need to replace each separately. The cartridge can be installed and taken out with just a single touch. When the lamp goes out, it's time to replace.
• Contents: 1
• Ingredients/Materials: metofluthrin, dibutylhydroxytoluene, Coloring Agent, granular pulp, 1 more ingredient
• Size (cm): 130mm x 55mm x 90mm
• Weight (item only) [G]: 120
• Country of Manufacture [Chemical Agent] Japan, [Item Body] Indonesia
• Manufacturer Name: Fumakilla
• Handling Precautions: Replace when the lamp goes out. Designed so that the battery and the chemical agent run out at the same time. Therefore, replace with a new replacement item (with built-in battery).

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