Ikeda Model Hall Muhi Alpha EX 15g

Ikeda Model Hall Muhi Alpha EX 15g

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Antipruritic and anti-inflammatory agent Insect bites caused by mites, fleas, caterpillars, mucades, jellyfish, etc. Recently, due to the effects of global warming, the pet boom, and the development of parks in urban areas, the chances of being bitten by poisonous insects that have never been seen before are increasing. In particular, when bitten by poisonous insects such as mites, fleas, caterpillars, centipedes, and jellyfish, it tends to cause severe itching and inflammation that cannot be dealt with by conventional insect bites. ● It is a combination prescription of "PVA + diphenhydramine hydrochloride" that is particular about its efficacy. Muhi Alpha EX is a cream-type anti-itch product developed for such insect bites. Ante-drug type anti-inflammatory ingredient (PVA: prednisolone valeric acid ester acetate) that works well against inflammation is combined with an ingredient that quickly suppresses itching (diphenhydramine hydrochloride). It is effective not only for mosquitoes but also for insect bites and itching caused by mites, fleas, caterpillars, centipedes, jellyfish, etc. 1. 1. Ante-drug type anti-inflammatory ingredient PVA works well against "inflammation" which is the cause of insect bites and itching. 2. 2. The anti-itch ingredient diphenhydramine hydrochloride blocks the action of the itching-causing substance (histamine) and suppresses the cause of itching. 3. 3. The refreshing ingredients l-menthol and dl-camphor give a refreshing sensation and quickly reduce the itchiness. PVA is a steroid component that is classified as a highly effective rank in general medicine. It exerts an excellent anti-inflammatory effect in the affected area and then changes to a hypoactive substance. Therefore, it has the property of being less likely to cause side effects peculiar to steroids. Such a characteristic is called ante-drug. PVA is an ingredient with a good balance between efficacy and safety. ● Muhi Alpha EX is suitable not only for insect bites but also for the treatment of rash and dermatitis. General symptoms and points of treatment when bitten by poisonous insects ☆ Clean the affected area before applying. ☆ If it turns red and the swelling is large, apply it more often or cool it with ice or water. ☆ Do not scratch the affected area. Scratching may worsen the symptoms and leave behind. It is important to take prompt action to control itching and inflammation. Mites: Itching, swelling, and redness occur 1-2 days after being stabbed, and symptoms often persist for several days. Fleas: Itching, swelling, redness, and blisters occur hours after being stabbed, often lasting for several days. Caterpillar: Immediately after being stabbed, itchy red spots appear around the skin, and itching often becomes stronger after 1 to 2 days. Fine stabs may remain on the skin, so lightly remove the stabs with adhesive tape before applying. Centipede: Severe pain occurs the moment you are bitten. After that, swelling and redness often continue for several days. Jellyfish: In many cases, severe pain and linear worms and redness occur. Remove the tentacles and then apply more. Please note that the method of removing the tentacles differs depending on the type of jellyfish. ☆ If you are stung by a bee, you will have severe burning pain. If you experience signs of suffocation, general malaise, or nausea, call an ambulance and seek medical attention as soon as possible. ☆ If the symptoms are extremely severe or the affected area is extensive, Muhi Alpha EX may not be able to deal with it. In that case, please see a doctor as soon as possible. If your child accidentally utters Muhi Alpha EX 1. First, wipe off the things in your mouth. 2. 2. There is no effect if you lick it a little. However, if you eat a lot, you may feel drowsy. 3. Watch for about an hour and see a doctor if you have any abnormalities in your breathing.

Ingredients / quantity [Active ingredient] Prednisolone in 100 g

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