Ikeda Mohando Muhi Adhesive Bandage, Anpanman

Ikeda Mohando Muhi Adhesive Bandage, Anpanman


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Accelerates natural healing through moisturizing treatment, quickly and cleanly making wounds better. The whole of the pad is hydrocolloid material, so you can properly cover both large and small wounds with this. In an Anpanman design. [Efficacy] Minor cuts, abrasions, puncture wounds, scratches, chapped skin, hangnails, protection from wounds & mild burns caused by shoes etc., moisturized environment maintenance, promotion of healing, pain relief
• Contents: 10
• Ingredients/Materials: hydrocolloid
• Size: 11 x 2.5 x 7cm
• Weight (item only)[G]: 27
• Made in Japan
• Manufacturer Name: Ikeda Mohando
• Do not do the following: Do not reuse. Do not use on the following places: (Should you do so, it may lead to worsening of wounds, fever and delayed healing.) Infected wounds (wounds with abnormalities such as redness, pus, fever, swelling and a bad smell.) Do not use on deep cuts and wounds where you can see the muscle, bone or tendon. Wounds with foreign substances such as glass, wood fragments, sand, dust and clothing fibers in them. Wounds created by an animal bite etc. On acne, eczema, insect bites, skin inflammations etc. or on wounds caused by scratching them. Around the eyes or on mucous membranes. On a wound where time has elapsed since the injury occurred or on wounds that have already scabbed. Wounds that may be from bleeding that accompanies a burn, and severe burns where the affected area has become white or black in color and has no feeling.
• Do not use with the following: Do not use together with disinfectants/sterilizing agents such as ointments and creams applied to wounds. (This may delay wound recovery.) Do not use on children 2 years old or younger. (If adhered strongly, it may damage the skin.) Do not attach in a stretched state. (This may cause skin disorders (redness, a rash, itchiness, a blister, skin peeling etc.) or peeling off.) If the individual packaging has been opened and left for a long time, if the individual packaging is damaged or contaminated, do not use. (It may cause infection.) Do not put this item in your mouth. (There is a risk of accidental ingestion.) Do not use on wounds larger than the size of this item. (It may not properly absorb body fluid and make the wound worse.)
• Usage Precautions: [The following should use carefully] Those receiving treatment for diabetes and blood circulation disorders. Those who often get rashes when using or are allergic to adhesive bandages. Those whose general wellbeing is not good, such as those with a strong feeling of malaise, those with a fever etc. [Important Basic Precautions] This item will adhere for up to 5 days at longest. However, should you observe infection, discontinue use immediately. Should the wound not visibly heal or improve after a few days of using this, or should it worsen, discontinue use immediately. [Pregnant women, women who have given birth, women who are nursing & small children] When using on children 3 years and older, make sure it is used under the supervision of a guardian. Do not use on nursing wounds.

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