Manda enzyme GINGER (Ginger)

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Manda Enzyme GINGER Packet Type; Contents: 31 packs;

Ingredients: Sugars (brown sugar, fructose, glucose), large fruits (apples, oysters, bananas, pineapples), grains (white rice, brown rice, glutinous rice, millet, barley, millet, corn), citrus fruits (mandarin oranges, hassaku, navel oranges, iyokan) , lemon, summer mandarin, kabosu, kumquat, pomelo, ponkan, yuzu), beans and sesame (soybean, black sesame, white sesame, black soybean), root vegetables (ginger, carrot, garlic, burdock, lily root, lotus root), Small fruits (grapes, akebi, figs, Actinidia, wild grapes, mountain peaches, strawberries, plums), seaweeds (hijiki, wakame seaweed, laver, green laver, kelp), honey, walnuts, starch, cucumber, celery, perilla

Manufacturer: Manda Fermentation Co., Ltd. Classification: Healthy food; Country of Origin: Japan; How to consume: Please consume 1 to 2 packets per day as a supplement.If it is difficult to eat, it will not support you when mixing with other drinks or foods.(Avoid hot items above 154°F (70°C), and consume within the day.)

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