Menicon Progent 7 pairs

Menicon Progent 7 pairs


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Progent is a powerful cleaning solution that removes protein stains on oxygen-permeable hard contact lenses. As a general rule, once a month, put liquid A and liquid B in a special container (progent vial), and leave the lens washed with a cleaning preservation solution (O2 care, O2 care milfa, etc.) for about 30 minutes (protein cleaning). ..

Ingredients / Amount / Usage Ingredients / Amount [Main component] ○ Solution A: Sodium hypochlorite ○ Solution B: Potassium bromide Usage and dosage [Usage] With normal cleaning solution (O2 care, O2 care milfa, etc.) Apart from cleaning, as a general rule, progent treatment is performed once a month. A special container (Progent vial: sold separately) is required for processing. ○ Progent processing method 1. Wash your hands with soap and rinse well with tap water (running water, the same applies below). 2. Place the lens scrubbed with the cleaning solution in the cap holder of the Progent Vial. 3. 3. Rinse the holder with tap water. Four. Put liquid A and liquid B in a progent vial. Five. Close the cap, 2-3 dosage forms, liquid

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