Nissin Foods Donbei Kitsune Deep-Fried Tofu Udon Cup

Nissin Foods Donbei Kitsune Deep-Fried Tofu Udon Cup


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A simple and rich flavor. Uses sticky Tsurumi udon noodles for an authentic taste.
• Ingredients: fried noodles (wheat flour, vegetable oil, salt, vegetable protein, soybean dietary fiber), seasoning (flavored fried tofu, boiled fish paste), soup (salt, seafood extract, soy sauce, fish meal, konbu extract, shichimi chili pepper, spring onion, sweeteners, konbu powder, seafood seasoned oil, flavor oil), modified starch, seasonings (such as amino acids), thickener (gum arabic), phosphate (Na), calcium carbonate, caramel pigment, pH adjuster, emulsifier, antioxidant (vitamin E), flavoring, spice extract, bell pepper pigment, gardenia pigment, vitamin B2, monascus pigment, vitamin B1, (contains dairy ingredients, mackerel, sesame, gelatin)
• Nutritional Information (1 cup (95g) serving size) *Energy (kcal): 406 *Protein (g): 9.2 *Fat (g): 16.2 *Carbohydrate (g): 56 *Sodium (mg): 2.3
• 7 Main Allergens (wheat, buckwheat, egg, milk, peanut, shrimp, crab): wheat, milk
• Contents: 96g (1 cup)
• Made in Japan
• Serving Instructions: Open the lid half-way and remove the seasoning and soup powder packets. Open the packet, pour the soup powder in the cup, and carefully add hot water in the middle of the cup up to the line. Close the lid for 5 minutes, and then gently stir the noodles. Finally, add the seasonings.
• Please note: Do not use in microwaves as there is a danger of scalding
• Storage Instructions: Please store away from places with strong smells as well direct sunlight and high temperature.
• Best before date (from date of manufacture): 6 months
• Manufacturer: Nissin Foods
• Package design and stated contents may change due to item revision.

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