Okamoto Zero One 0.01Mm, L Size, 3*3

Okamoto Zero One 0.01Mm, L Size, 3*3


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1. With none of the characteristic odor of rubber. 2. Even those with natural rubber latex allergies can use with peace of mind. 3. As this material conveys heat well, you are able to feel warmth. 4. The individual packaging that lets you know which side is which comes in handy when putting this on. 5. This item has a wider size compared to the regular items in this series. Be careful this doesn't fall off while using.
• Contents: 3*3
• Materials/Ingredients: water-based polyurethane
• Size: 130*240*25
• Weight (product only) [g]: 75
• Made In Japan
• Manufacturer: Okamoto
• Handling Precautions: Use 1 condom per time. Use a new condom each time. Be sure to read the instruction manual before use. When condoms are used properly, they are effective for contraception and reduce the danger of becoming infected many sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS. However, these effects are not 100% guaranteed. Store in the packaging in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight and places with high temperatures & humidity. Also, do not store together with volatile substances such as insecticide.

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