ORIHIRO Sage's Green Tea 7g×30

ORIHIRO Sage's Green Tea 7g×30

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Product Details

For those who are concerned about postprandial blood sugar level and neutral fat, and those with high blood pressure, it is Sengito Green Tea, a food with functional claims.
As ingredients involved, indigestible dextrin and Gaba are mixed.

[Precautions] Please use the opened stick at once.
Please enjoy as soon as possible after melting.
Keep out of the reach of children.

Ingredients, quantity, usage

(In one product of 7 g)
Indigestible dextrin: 5 g
GABA: 12.5 mg

Usage and dose
[How to use] Take
1 bottle (7g) at meal time once a day by dissolving it in about 100ml of hot water or water.

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