Shiseido Yakuhin The Collagen EXR 50mL

Shiseido Yakuhin The Collagen EXR 50mL

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A cosmetological drink with luxurious ingredients for youthful and youthful everyday life.

Ingredients / Amount / Usage Ingredients / Amount [Ingredients] Erythritol (manufactured in the United States), collagen peptide (including gelatin), reduced maltose juice, bilberry juice, black mamenoki juice, amla fruit extract, dried tomato extract, konjac potato extract, hyaluron Acid, Wenzhou orange extract, strawberry seed extract, black pepper extract / trehalose, fragrance (derived from orange), V.I. C, acidulant, thickening polysaccharide (derived from soybean), V.I. B6, sweeteners (acesulfame K, sucralose), V.I. B2, Cyclic oligosaccharide, Kuchinashi [Nutrition labeling ingredient] Protein: 1.1 g, Lipid: 0 g, Carbohydrate: 5.0 g, Salt equivalent: 0.0024 to 0.23 g, Vitamin B2: 4.0 mg, Vitamin B6: 10.0 mg, Vitamin C: 100 mg, Collagen: 1,000 mg, Hyaluronic acid: 10 mg, Ceramide: 1,200 μg Usage and dosage [How to consume] Take 1 bottle daily, cool well, shake well and drink. .. Formulation / Shape Liquid

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