Ionion MX Ruby Air Purifier Portable Ion Generator

Ionion MX Ruby Air Purifier Portable Ion Generator

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This portable ionizer is recommended for allergies/hay fever/PM2.5 measures, and for those who are worried about sidestream smoke, people with asthma, people who often use cars, planes, and trains, and those who use a computer for a long time.

Body: ABS resin Size/mm/Weight: 65 (length) x 25 (width) x 16 (thickness) / Approx. 20 g (including the attached rechargeable battery) Ion generation display: Lamp display Operating environment: Temperature 0 to 40°C Humidity 30 to 70% Negative ion generation: 690,000 pieces/cm3 or more *Measured by Japan Functional Ion Association

Country of origin: Japan

Method: Corona discharge radiation type

Set contents: body, power adapter, Dedicated USB cable, strap, instruction manual (Japanese/Chinese/English supported)

Charging time: Approximately 180 minutes until fully charged * Can be used at all times during charging

Continuous usable time: Depends on the ambient temperature 25℃: around 30 hours Temperature 17-18℃: around 20 hours Temperature 0℃: around 15 hours

Product warranty: 1 year from purchase (manufacturer warranty) *Valid only in Japan

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