Ionion MX Sakura Air Purifier Portable Ion Generator

Ionion MX Sakura Air Purifier Portable Ion Generator

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[Recommended for use ] ● Against hay fever ● PM2.5 ● Asthma ●  Fatigue from long hours in front of computer ● Easy to get irritated ● Easy to get tired from driving for long hours

How to use the ionion

■ Insert the power adapter at the bottom of the main unit to charge. The pink LED lights up during charging, and when it goes off, charging is complete. Please remove the power adapter. 

■ Hold the special strap around your neck (it is OK even if you put it in your chest pocket) and turn the switch on. * If you use the unit on a desktop or bedside for a long period of time, please insert the USB cable into the power adapter and use it. You can also use it from a nearby PC USB power supply or smartphone power adapter. The LED lights blue during ionization and turns off when the battery runs out. 

Precautions * Always keep the ion radiation hole clean so that dust does not collect. If it gets clogged, be sure to turn off the switch before removing it. There may be a "cracking" sound when the dust is clogged and it touches the parts. * Never put your finger into the ion emission hole with the switch on, and never touch the electrode with a pin. * If you use a pacemaker, please refrain from using it without the permission of your doctor. * There is a risk of fire or failure. Never disassemble or modify. * Please refrain from using in a room where there is a risk of explosion. * The color may differ from the actual one depending on the color development of the monitor. Please note. Product category Made in Japan Trustrex Co., Ltd.

[Japan Functional Ion Association Certification] Ionion MX has been certified by the Japan Functional Ion Association (JAIRA) as ion generation class 5. JAIRA is a non-profit organization founded in 2001, thinking that accurate ion measurement supports the ion industry. Thanks to JAIRA's achievements, Japan has achieved the world's first ion measurement standardization (JIS). JAIRA performs measurements based on (JIS-B9949) and proves that Ionion MX is a highly reliable ion generating product.

[PATENTED POWER METAL] Ionion has a secret that cannot be found on the other side. "Small metal chip" This is a patented technology that amplifies the amount of generated ions and, when the Ionion MX is attached, carries the body with negative ions and wraps it in an ion barrier. With this technology, the effect when the Ionion MX is attached is dramatically improved.

[Weight only 20g, USB charge possible] Achieves a weight reduction that makes you forget that you are hanging it from your neck! It's a size that won't get in the way even if you put it on your clothes. * Just use it in your pocket. A power adapter with a USB cable is included, so you can charge it from your computer.

[Negative ion generator Ionion MX SAKURA specifications] -Ion generation indicator lamp display-Body material: ABS resin-Operating environment temperature: 0-40 degrees, humidity 30-70% -Color: cherry blossom (pink) -Amount of negative ions: Approximately 690,000 pieces / cm³ ・ Measured by Japan Functional Ion Association ・ Body size: length 65 x width 25 x thickness 16 (mm) ・ Body weight: 20g (included rechargeable battery) ・ Accessories: power adapter (dedicated) USB cable included), strap, instruction manual-Power supply: lithium battery, AC / DC adapter

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