Panasonic F-GMK01-K Nanoe Generator, Approx. 1 Tatami Mat, Chrome Black, Cleans the Air Around the Car and Desk

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F-GMK01 Nanoe™ Generator
It provides a healthy and comfortable living environment with the advanced technologies of Panasonic nanoe™ Generator. It features nanoe™ purification with a coverage area of 1.6m².
What is nanoe™?
A nanoe™ is a fine (5 to 20nm) and weak acidic water particle with a reactive substance and an electric charge.
How nanoe™ Work?
The air we breathe contains pollutants less than 2.5 micrometers in size (PM2.5). PM2.5 can be found in smoke and haze which originates from combustion activities including motor vehicles, factories, and wood burning. nanoe™ possesses the characteristics of removing hydrogen from viruses, bacteria, odors, and allergens. Effectiveness of virus removal*¹ depends on the number of OH radical*2. nanoe™ device generates particles at a high rate of 480 billion per second, and highly effective against viruses.
Benefits of nanoe™
Inhibits 99.9% viruses (H1N1) and (H5N1) and 99.9% bacteria (E.Coli 0157, MRSA).
Reduces 90% of odor after 30 minutes.
Help restore moisture back to the skin. nanoe™ attaches on the sebum and form membranes on the skin, so skin is hydrated that improves the keratin texture and keeps the skin fresh and moisture.
Long Life & Water-originated
6 times longer lifespan than normal ion - nanoe™ has a lifespan of 6 times longer than normal ion and it contains moisture around 1,000 times to minus ions. It comes from condensed moisture in the air. Water replenishment for the appliance is not required.
Microscopic Scale
One-billionth of the volume size of a steam particle - nanoe™ is much smaller than steam that can deeply penetrate into cloth fabrics to restrain dirt.
Model: F-GMK01
Power: DC12V
Air Volume Adjustment: Hi, Low
Power Consumption: Hi (3W), Low (2.5W)
Air Volume: 1.6m²
Cord Length: Car DC Adapter 1.5m
Product Size: Top: 85mm / Base: 66mm / Height: 150mm / (Louver open: 169mm)
Product Mass: 0.38 kg

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